Exorbitant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Exorbitant

unreasonably high amount of something; too much

Examples of Exorbitant in a sentence

The luxury hotel charges an exorbitant rate of $25 for a single cheeseburger. 🔊

Because of my budget, I am unable to make exorbitant purchases. 🔊

While the painters charged us an exorbitant fee, they did very little work. 🔊

Although Jane's apartment is quite lovely, the rent is a bit exorbitant for my taste. 🔊

Even though I really need a loan, I cannot pay those exorbitant interest fees! 🔊

Since Samantha really wanted to be an actress, she had no problem paying the exorbitant tuition for the acting classes. 🔊

That lazy security guard is being paid an exorbitant salary to sit on his behind every day! 🔊

Sadly, there was no way the family could afford the exorbitant amount of money demanded by the kidnappers. 🔊

The exorbitant amount the actress paid for that dress could feed at least ten families for a whole month! 🔊

My credit card company charges exorbitant rates of interest. 🔊

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