Hypnotic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hypnotic

mesmerizing; spell-binding

Examples of Hypnotic in a sentence

After being placed in a trance, the sound of a spoon clicking against the teacup sent the victims into a hypnotic state. 🔊

The hypnotic sound of ocean waves lulled the beachgoer into a deep sleep. 🔊

The hypnotic movement of the belly dancer’s hips captured the attention of everyone in the audience. 🔊

Charming the snake with his spell-binding movements, the street performer kept the rattler mesmerized with his hypnotic actions. 🔊

Moving the watch back and forth in front of the skeptic’s face, the hypnotist was able to place the man in a hypnotic stupor that left him unable to move. 🔊

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