Civilized in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Civilized

well-mannered and polite

Examples of Civilized in a sentence

Kate was warned by her principal that she better start acting in a civilized way if she hoped to graduate with the rest of her class.  🔊

We were amazed at how civilized and polite the prisoners acted, considering that they were in jail for serious crimes.  🔊

The man ran around the park without any clothes on, which we considered an affront to civilized behavior.  🔊

I warned Derrick that the tribesmen were anything but civilized in their behavior, and that they would attack him if he did not cooperate with their demands.  🔊

The man at the hotel was acting in an overly civilized and well-mannered way, which made me believe that he was hiding something.  🔊

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