Incommensurable in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Incommensurable

not able to be judged by the same standard

Examples of Incommensurable in a sentence

People claim that there is objective good writing across all genres, but I feel that fiction and nonfiction are incommensurable. 🔊

Many condemn the actions of past civilizations, but I believe that the moral codes of past and present are inherently incommensurable. 🔊

The two criminals are incommensurable, for one has committed far more heinous crimes far more frequently, and one is just a petty thief. 🔊

Quite frankly, the depravity of man is incommensurable and likely has no limit to be measured to begin with.  🔊

Because there is no concrete way to measure love, you can consider it an incommensurate emotion.  🔊

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