Rumpus in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rumpus

a commotion or noisy disturbance

Examples of Rumpus in a sentence

When the teacher began the class with a pop quiz over the difficult previous lesson, a rumpus among the students erupted throughout the room.  🔊

The surprise witch jumping out at the screen created such a rumpus of screams and cries from the audience that everyone was on edge for the remainder of the movie.  🔊

A rumpus of clashing metal pierced the silent night when the train derailed resulting in the cars crashing into each other.  🔊

Hair pulling and slaps between the twin sisters resulted in a rumpus of crying at the top of their lungs for their mother.  🔊

When the teenager told her friends the secret about how Paul asked her for a date, the three friends erupted in a rumpus of loud laughing and talking.  🔊

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