Incontinent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Incontinent

inability to control ones actions or hold back from something desired

Examples of Incontinent in a sentence

Someone who has Tourette syndrome is considered incontinent because they have little to no control over repeated words or sudden movements.  🔊

Addicts are incontinent individuals who do not have the restraint or will power to resist their drug of choice.  🔊

Briana was incontinent when it came to cupcakes and always ordered at least a dozen for herself whenever she visited bakery.  🔊

When Adrian was depressed, he turned into an incontinent person who ate everything in sight even when it made him sick to his stomach.  🔊

The wrestler was barred from future matches after he became incontinent and would not stop punching his downed opponent.  🔊

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