Inextricably in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Inextricably

in a manner that is impossible to be unlinked

Examples of Inextricably in a sentence

1. The site where the black men were lynched has been inextricably linked with sorrow and hate. 🔉

2. Because the suspect’s DNA inextricably places him at the crime scene, he will be brought into the police station for questioning. 🔉

3. My best memories of my parents are inextricably connected to the cabin where we spent most of our summers. 🔉

4. During the trial, the prosecutor’s case will detail how the bombings were inextricably linked to the brothers.  🔉

5. The graduation fees are inextricably paired with the senior week dues so you have to pay both of them at the same time. 🔉

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