Infinitesimal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infinitesimal

very small

Examples of Infinitesimal in a sentence

In the grand scheme of things, so many of our problems are actually quite infinitesimal, and you shouldn’t waste the energy worrying about them.  🔊

There are some careers where you can’t afford to make even the most infinitesimal mistake without disastrous consequences.  🔊

According to the label on this supplement, possible side effects are infinitesimal compared to the many valuable benefits.  🔊

Although Faye’s complaint about her little brother may have seemed like an infinitesimal matter to her parents, it was extremely important to her.  🔊

Compared to the excruciating pain I suffered last year from my broken foot, the discomfort of this little sprained thumb is infinitesimal.  🔊

There is such an infinitesimal degree of difference between them that sometimes even their parents have a hard time telling which twin is which.  🔊

Even though I paid a fortune for the skin cream, after a month I noticed only an infinitesimal change, if anything, in my complexion.  🔊

Because he had really expected the fundraiser to be a huge success, the pastor was very disappointed at the infinitesimal amount of donations that trickled in.  🔊

Living in the desert, you expect to get an infinitesimal amount of rainfall every year, so the 6 inches of rain experienced on Tuesday was a welcome surprise.  🔊

The dentist told me that I had an infinitesimal cavity, but if he didn’t put in a filling, it would likely grow into a big problem.  🔊

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