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Definition of Catch 22

difficult / no-win situation

Examples of Catch 22 in a sentence

The choice you’re giving me is a catch 22 because, no matter which option I choose, I’m not going to be happy with either one.  🔊

If you’ve ever been a job-seeker, you’re probably familiar with the catch 22 of trying to get a job so you have experience, and not finding people who will give you one if you don’t have experience.  🔊

Rosalyn looked through the contract carefully, on the lookout for a catch 22 that could put a loophole in the agreement.  🔊

When Lucas heard Amanda’s catch 22 that he would need to find a date for her homely cousin, he decided that he would ask someone else to the prom.  🔊

Because he didn’t want to deal with worker complaints regarding the new catch 22 he had added to the company policy, Mr. Howard told his secretary to tell everyone he was out for the week.  🔊

As Cissy tried to figure out how to get around the catch 22, she ultimately realized that she was darned if she did and darned if she didn’t.  🔊

The difference between a catch 22 and a snake eating its own tail is that the latter has a predictable outcome: the snake will die.  🔊

Anyone who works within a bureaucracy has probably experienced the frustration of the twisted logic of a catch 22.  🔊

I don’t think that you realize that this kind of absurd circular logic is a catch 22; in other words, it’s basically a lose-lose situation.  🔊

In the fairy tale, the miller’s daughter agreed to let Rumpelstiltskin get her out of a jam, never dreaming that the catch 22 agreement she made with him would come back to haunt her.  🔊

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