Paltry in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Paltry

small or meager

Examples of Paltry in a sentence

My teenage son often complains about what he considers to be a paltry allowance. 🔊

Although I paid a great deal for the gourmet meal, I only received a paltry amount of food on my plate. 🔊

Sadly, law enforcement officers usually receive paltry salaries in exchange for risking their lives. 🔊

How do you expect me to live off such a paltry paycheck? 🔊

Because Gerald lost most of his money at the casino, he now has only a paltry sum on which to live for the rest of his life. 🔊

The paltry amount of evidence was not enough to convict the suspected killer. 🔊

As I looked at the paltry funds in my bank account, I knew I could not afford to buy the dress. 🔊

By clipping coupons regularly, I am able to live on my paltry income. 🔊

Since we only have a paltry budget for the party, we will not have a live band this year. 🔊

In comparison to the ten-bedroom mansion across the street, my five-bedroom home is quite paltry. 🔊

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