Infirmity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infirmity

physical/mental weakness or disability

Examples of Infirmity in a sentence

He felt sorry for his uncle, feeling the alcoholism was a serious infirmity.  🔊

The elderly are much more likely to fall victim to a serious infirmity.  🔊

His infirmity kept him in bed all day, making him wish he had listened to his doctor.  🔊

Though he suffered from the flu last season, he would not let himself fall victim to another infirmity.  🔊

His infirmity made it difficult to focus on anything other than how much pain he was in.  🔊

Despite his physical infirmity, the old man still maintained a sharp mind.  🔊

The doctor warned her that her physical infirmity would get worse if she did not mind her diet.  🔊

Thanks to a powerful new medicine, he began to recover from his infirmity.  🔊

The boy was much too young to suffer from such an infirmity, which is why the doctor suggested a course to full recovery.  🔊

She did not want her children to see their father with such an infirmity, feeling that the sight of him on life support would be too much for them to handle.  🔊

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