Aneurysm in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Aneurysm

an abnormal blood-filled bulge of a blood vessel and especially an artery resulting from weakening as from disease of the vessel wall

Examples of Aneurysm in a sentence

During a brain aneurysm, an artery fills with blood and blows up like a balloon before leaking blood into the brain. 🔊

The doctor ordered a CT scan to check for any weakening arterial walls in the brain that would result in an aneurysm. 🔊

Nearly two weeks after her concussion, a blood vessel in her brain burst and caused an aneurysm. 🔊

The stroke was caused by an aneurysm that burst a blood vessel and flooded the brain with fluid. 🔊

A bulging, blood-filled artery called an aneurysm moved from his lung to his chest and caused a heart attack. 🔊

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