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Definition of Health

the mental or physical condition of an individual

Examples of Health in a sentence

My 80-year-old grandfather exercises every day and is the picture of health.  🔊

I feel stressed out and need to take a sick day for my mental health.  🔊

Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health, as it increases the risk of diabetes, cardiac disease and premature death.  🔊

The elderly woman is in poor health and has trouble walking.  🔊

The little girl looks like she's in good health because she is jumping, smiling, and laughing.  🔊

A bald eagle is being nursed back to health at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center after being found starving to death.  🔊

Grape juice may not be like wine, but you still toast to good health when it comes to preventing heart disease.  🔊

The move to a clean energy economy would create jobs and protect the health of our families.  🔊

Like physical health, your strong financial health is the result of small, deliberate choices you make over your life.  🔊

Indoor and outdoor air pollution can have many negative effects on pregnant women's health.  🔊

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