Putrid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Putrid

rotting, rotten, being in a state of putrefaction

Examples of Putrid in a sentence

Dealing with dead bodies, he encountered plenty of putrid odors.  🔊

The armadillo was run over by a car four days ago, which left it putrid.  🔊

Being left out too long, the tomatoes became putrid.  🔊

The old cave was filled with a putrid odor, leading them to think something had recently died there.  🔊

Working in sanitation, he was prepared to deal with even the most putrid of odors.  🔊

If the water is putrid, you are better off finding an alternative water source.  🔊

Putrid meat is not fit for human consumption, even if you cook it thoroughly.  🔊

The pandemic worked to kill the crops, leaving many farmers with putrid vegetables.  🔊

Judging by the putrid odor, it was not safe to swim in the lake.  🔊

When they opened the cage spelled a putrid odor, they knew one of the animals had died.  🔊

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