Ingratitude in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Ingratitude

a lack or absence of gratitude; thanklessness

Examples of Ingratitude in a sentence

1. After having received such a large gift, Harry displayed ingratitude when he began to complain that it was too small. 🔉

2. The ingratitude of the young generation shouldn’t shock anyone because of how pampered and self-centered our society has become. 🔉

3. John feels that the corporate culture in his workplace is one of ingratitude, where everyone feels that they deserve everything without the slightest need to give back. 🔉

4. The deathly sick man reflected on a life of selfishness and ingratitude, and worried where his soul would head after it left his body. 🔉

5. Because George demonstrated ingratitude by not showing up to his stepfather’s funeral, his sister stopped talking to him. 🔉

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