Obloquy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Obloquy

shame from public disapproval

Examples of Obloquy in a sentence

The senator’s admission of adultery brought much obloquy and ended his political career.  🔊

After being released from prison, Kurt lived in obloquy and rarely left his apartment.  🔊

Even though Jose knew telling the truth would bring obloquy from his gang, he refused to let his brother’s killer go free.  🔊

The soccer team went home to obloquy after losing the finals because of stupid mistakes.  🔊

While unwed mothers once lived in obloquy, today there is no stigma associated with having a child out of wedlock.  🔊

The teacher killed himself after a false accusation of child molestation brought great obloquy to his name.  🔊

Because Kate experienced obloquy after reporting the star quarterback for sexual assault, she changed schools.  🔊

James always felt obloquy because of his father’s infamy as a serial killer.  🔊

Since being arrested for associating with prostitutes, the minister has been in hiding to escape the obloquy of his actions.  🔊

The popular doctor endured much obloquy after losing his license because of a drug addiction.  🔊

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