Impertinent in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Impertinent

behaving without proper respect; rude

Examples of Impertinent in a sentence

While he never intended his remark to be impertinent, he found that a lot of people had been offended by what he said.  🔊

Although she thought she was just being funny, her teacher didn’t agree and sent her to the principal’s office for being impertinent.  🔊

Because the young man would only give an impertinent answer to his questions, the attorney decided not to take him on as a client.  🔊

While Natalie searched frantically for her mysterious present, Ely just watched from the doorway with an impertinent smirk on his face.  🔊

Considering the applicant’s impertinent response to a serious question, Mr. Bailey decided to take his name off of the short list of candidates.  🔊

Victoria warned her son not to be so impertinent as to interrupt his grandfather when he was telling his stories, no matter how often they had heard them.  🔊

Although Alexis had been enjoying the young man’s company, his impertinent suggestion prompted her to leave the bar.  🔊

As the site’s webmaster, it is her job to monitor the online forum for impertinent comments.  🔊

If Evan didn’t have such an impertinent attitude with waiters, Alyssa wouldn’t have minded going out to dinner with him.  🔊

Because he is generally disrespectful and impertinent with peers and customers, he has lost four jobs within the past year.  🔊

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