Instantaneous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Instantaneous

done immediately

Examples of Instantaneous in a sentence

When the emergency room physician detected the patient’s ruptured spleen, he wheeled the patient upstairs for an instantaneous operation or the patient would die.  🔊

After finishing the two month project, an instantaneous payment was asked to his boss by the worker since he hadn’t received a paycheck in two months.  🔊

Deathly screams were heard from the dark alley behind my house resulting in my instantaneous phone call to the police to help save the woman.  🔊

So the brownies wouldn’t burn, I took an instantaneous action to remove the brownies from the oven at the second that the timer went off.  🔊

Due to the young girl’s strong pollen allergies, an instantaneous sneeze occurred the minute she stepped into the field of flowers.  🔊

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