Intensified in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Intensified

something that has become stronger, increased, or faster

Examples of Intensified in a sentence

As the hurricane approached inland, the winds intensified.  🔊

Seeing my favorite actress in person intensified the love I have for her.  🔊

They say love is intensified by absence.  🔊

We can expand the military force through intensified volunteer recruitment.  🔊

Through intensified police presence and public support, we can lower the city's high crime rate.  🔊

My love for him intensified when I saw the amount of self-control he possessed.  🔊

I was so depressed for so many years, and the feeling only intensified since my breakup.  🔊

This blizzard weather intensified my lost motivation to go to class tomorrow  🔊

The debate around whether or not a college degree worth it has intensified as student loan debt hits a record high.  🔊

Hurricane Florence intensified from a category 3 storm to a category 4.  🔊

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