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Definition of Intrepid

very brave

Examples of Intrepid in a sentence

To be an astronaut, you must be an intrepid person who craves adventure and is not afraid of heights.  🔊

The intrepid kitten walked slowly in front of the two big dogs.  🔊

Even when the storm was directly over her house, the intrepid old woman did not panic.  🔊

The intrepid adventurer climbed the rocky mountain without fear.  🔊

Although Jason loves jumping out of airplanes, he does not consider himself to be as intrepid as a soldier in battle.  🔊

I am far from intrepid but will not ride the roller coasters at our local amusement park.  🔊

Unlike her sister Mary, Sally was intrepid and had no problem going into the haunted house.  🔊

Only intrepid people sign up to be on that reality show where people are stranded on a deserted island.  🔊

The intrepid young boy walked through the forest alone to get his injured father medical aid.  🔊

If you are not intrepid and willing to take risks, you probably will not succeed in business.  🔊

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