Vainglory in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Vainglory

extreme pride in ones work that can be excessive and showy

Examples of Vainglory in a sentence

The student was filled with such vainglory over his Harvard admission that he made several copies of his acceptance letter and sent them to all of his relatives. 🔊

With an overwhelming sense of vainglory, the soccer player took all of the family pictures off the fireplace mantle and replaced them with his trophies. 🔊

Peter’s mother smiled at his vainglory as he boasted about his perfect SAT score to anyone who would listen. 🔊

In a burst of vainglory, Janet taped her straight A report card on her twin sister’s door.  🔊

After winning a local beauty pageant, Audrey was filled with such vainglory that she could not stop looking at herself in the mirror.  🔊

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