Temerity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Temerity

excessive confidence or boldness; audacity

Examples of Temerity in a sentence

We were shocked Ann Marie had the temerity to challenge our teacher’s authority in class. 🔊

Because they feel their doctors are more educated than they are, most patients do not have the temerity to challenge their medical diagnosis. 🔊

Despite being ordered to stay away from his wife by the court, Jason still had the temerity to go to her apartment. 🔊

Misbehaved children have the temerity to challenge rules. 🔊

After he had the temerity to dispute the company’s policies, Ed was forced to resign from his position as company treasurer. 🔊

No one could believe Jake had the temerity to steal his mother’s cash. 🔊

All it will take for the world to change is for people to display the temerity necessary to stand up to tyranny. 🔊

The teenager’s temerity led him to do dangerous things, like driving recklessly. 🔊

Even though the mayor’s advisors were against his budget proposal, none of them had the temerity to admit it to him. 🔊

As a result of being voted prom queen, Sarah had a temerity that bordered on arrogance. 🔊

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