Indubitably in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Indubitably

in a manner that leaves no possibility of doubt; unquestionably

Examples of Indubitably in a sentence

The young prodigy is indubitably talented, but he doesn’t have the stage presence to go with his talent.  🔊

Chocolate is indubitably one of life’s greatest pleasures.  🔊

Jessica was blissfully unaware that everyone knew that her so-called designer wardrobe was indubitably homemade.  🔊

In spite of Andrea’s indubitably high level of intelligence, she has certainly made some foolish mistakes.  🔊

Households all over the world are indubitably mystified by the phenomenon of the disappearing sock.  🔊

Once you have a house piled shoulder-high with all your worldly goods, it can be said that you are indubitably a hoarder.  🔊

That was indubitably the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten!  🔊

Once he had been caught cheating, he knew that he would indubitably never be admitted to Med School.  🔊

After months of negotiations with neither side willing to compromise, the two countries were indubitably destined to go to war.  🔊

According to fans of the popular culture phenomenon, the ninja warrior is indubitably the most menacing adversary anyone could ever have to contend with.  🔊

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