Pragmatic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pragmatic

concentrating on practical results and facts instead of speculation and opinion

Examples of Pragmatic in a sentence

The scientist had a pragmatic approach to dealing with the water crisis.  🔊

While many parents rely on theory when governing their children, I prefer a more pragmatic approach.  🔊

My mother is quite pragmatic in nature and never does anything without rationalizing it first.  🔊

Despite his young age, my son is already very pragmatic in regards to organizing his priorities.  🔊

The king was a pragmatic ruler who always sought the sensible advice of his advisers.  🔊

Even though a theoretical solution would be great, a pragmatic solution would have a more positive effect on the crisis.  🔊

I try to provide my children with pragmatic advice instead of counsel that is simply based on rumor and theory  🔊

Because the preacher was a pragmatic man, he only bought his children practical birthday presents.  🔊

Although my professor believes many of the great educational theories, he always takes a pragmatic approach to teaching.  🔊

If you are traveling a great distance, the pragmatic approach is to take a plane.  🔊

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