Itinerary in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Itinerary

a detailed schedule usually for a trip

Examples of Itinerary in a sentence

With his itinerary in hand, the tourist began his first day in Ireland by walking to each place on his list so he could see every attraction.  🔊

The teacher had to submit an itinerary for her field trip to Disneyworld listing every stop they would make at each hour of the day.  🔊

When the itinerary was given out daily to the passengers on the cruise, they could decide which activities they wanted to do and at which time the activities were being offered.  🔊

In order to be on time for their event, each Olympic athlete consulted their itinerary to determine the location and time for their event.  🔊

If you go backpacking through Europe, it is helpful to have a detailed itinerary with you so that you have time to visit every place you want to go.  🔊

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