Jest in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Jest

words that are spoken as humor

Examples of Jest in a sentence

When confronted by the teacher, the student said his words were in jest and not meant to be taken seriously.  🔊

I only spoke in jest so please forgive me for hurting your feelings.  🔊

While Jim made the statement in jest, his stern boss did not welcome his inappropriate humor.  🔊

My serious father did not appreciate the words I said in jest.  🔊

Because Gina and Jill are the best of friends, they often insult each other in jest.  🔊

Bill made the comment in jest so you should take his expression as a joke.  🔊

Since we know Mark loves his wife, we take his rude remarks about her in jest.  🔊

The strict judge warned the witness about making statements in jest while giving testimony.  🔊

When Thad made his remark in jest, he had no idea his coworker would view the joke as sexual harassment.  🔊

The mob associate knows he should never question his boss not even in jest.  🔊

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