Flabbergasted in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Flabbergasted

overwhelmed by amazement

Examples of Flabbergasted in a sentence

As a single mother on a tight budget, I am flabbergasted by the huge cost of video games.  🔊

The burglar was flabbergasted when he broke into the house and found himself surrounded by police officers.  🔊

When the man received a ten thousand dollar cellphone bill, he was flabbergasted.  🔊

Gina was flabbergasted when the doctor told her she was expecting quadruplets.  🔊

Although Ted expected nice lodging on the cruise, he was flabbergasted when the steward escorted him to a two-bedroom suite.  🔊

Sally was flabbergasted when she learned the company wanted to buy her business for fifteen million dollars.  🔊

Standing next to my favorite celebrity, I was too flabbergasted to speak.  🔊

Gail was flabbergasted as she watched her daughter eat chocolate covered roaches.  🔊

When people see the house decorated with over ten thousand lights, they are flabbergasted by the display.  🔊

Because the actress was not expecting to win an award, she was flabbergasted when her name was called.  🔊

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