Joie de Vivre in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Joie de Vivre

ecstatic enjoyment of life

Examples of Joie de Vivre in a sentence

Everyone should practice Joie de Vivre, enjoying life to the absolute fullest regardless of what bad things may happen along the way.  🔊

Joie de Vivre is the concept of enjoying life with enthusiasm, tackling every day with energy and finding the good in everything.  🔊

If you know someone that is constantly happy, smiling, and laughing no matter what, you know someone that practices Joie de Vivre.  🔊

Many of us more quiet individuals cannot understand people that employ Joie de Vivre, finding their enthusiasm and energy to be mildly irritating.  🔊

Joie de Vivre is an amazing concept, but perhaps idealistic in the sense that it is difficult to experience everything in life with joy when bad things happen.  🔊

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