Mandate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mandate

permission to do something

Examples of Mandate in a sentence

The marshal was given a mandate to use all resources to bring in the escaped prisoner.  🔊

During the hurricane, several rescue groups received a mandate to help evacuate the city.  🔊

Does the mandate allow police officers to carry their weapons aboard commercial airplanes?  🔊

When my husband and I are away from home, my teenage daughter has the mandate to supervise the rest of the family.  🔊

Our military troops do not have a mandate that allows them to cross into neighboring countries without consent from the nations.  🔊

With such a broad mandate, the company president has the ability to determine his own salary.  🔊

Under the safety mandate, the school principal has the authority to search student lockers for drugs and weapons.  🔊

As soon as Brent signed the contract, he was given the mandate to join his team on the field.  🔊

The mandate does not allow police officers to enter your home without a warrant.  🔊

Without a court mandate, the landlord cannot evict his tenant.  🔊

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