Lingo in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lingo

language peculiar to a particular group or region

Examples of Lingo in a sentence

The rookie nurse was unsure how to respond to the doctor since she was unfamiliar with the medical lingo he was using in his question.  🔊

Upset by being deemed unqualified for the pilot’s job, Kevin realized he would need to take a course in aviation terminology due to his lack of knowledge in aviation lingo.  🔊

I realized that the best way for me to fully understand the agricultural process in this country would be to listen to the farmer’s lingo in his conversations on the farm.  🔊

If I could learn the lingo about house remodeling, I believe I would be able to communicate my expectations and standards better to the workers I have hired.  🔊

Experts in the healthcare field always know the current medical lingo to describe the key information needed to be understood by the patient.  🔊

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