Dialect in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dialect

the way a section of a country speaks the language using some different words and pronunciations

Examples of Dialect in a sentence

With her southern dialect, the young woman’s way of addressing her friends was by saying “ya’ll.” 🔊

Even though I spoke English, sometimes I didn’t understand the dialect of some areas of the English-speaking region because some words meant something else. 🔊

The German student could fully understand her American teacher’s accent, but her dialect used a few different words from what she had previously learned in her English class. 🔊

Sometimes a dialect in an African village can contain so many different words from other dialects of the same language that people in the country struggle to understand each other. 🔊

For the most part, the child from Upper Louisiana could mostly understand the Cajun dialect from his friend in New Orleans. 🔊

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