Monolingual in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Monolingual

to know and communicate solely with one language

Examples of Monolingual in a sentence

Living in a monolingual country, Sarah was limited with collaborating with people from other countries since she only spoke English. 🔊

In order to show acceptance for her Spanish-speaking students in her monolingual American classroom, Ms. Cartwright began to read Spanish stories. 🔊

Consulting a monolingual dictionary allowed the students to define the Russian words, but they could not define the Spanish, French or Italian words. 🔊

As a monolingual tourist from the United States in Germany, the Germans knew that I came from another country since I didn’t know one German word. 🔊

The monolingual speaker couldn’t answer many questions at the international conference due to the language barrier since she only spoke Chinese. 🔊

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