Vitriolic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vitriolic

harsh or corrosive in tone

Examples of Vitriolic in a sentence

What was supposed to be a civil debate turned into a debate reaching vitriolic levels, ending with both participants screaming obscenities.  🔊

Me giving her a vitriolic critique might sting, but harsh is my middle name.  🔊

Your vitriolic comments about my dress hurt my feelings!  🔊

World War II was one of the most vitriolic wars of all time, killing over 50 million worldwide.  🔊

You attitude is vitriolic as rusty metal!  🔊

Rasheem was offended by the racist comedy show, calling it a vitriolic attack against African Americans.  🔊

The vitriolic email saddened my mother for weeks.  🔊

My grandmother thinks metal is the most vitriolic music to ever exist, saying that it sounds purely evil.  🔊

The couple exchanged vitriolic words before the fight broke out.  🔊

Mr. Buckwald stormed into the room, vitriolic as ever, demanding all employees to report upfront immediately.  🔊

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