Lobbyist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lobbyist

an individual hired to convince a legislator to act in a specific manner

Examples of Lobbyist in a sentence

As a lobbyist for a gun manufacturer, Harry tries to persuade legislators to vote against strict gun control bills.  🔊

The lobbyist took the senator’s secretary out to lunch to see if he could learn more about the legislator’s position on the issue.  🔊

At the luncheon, the chairman of the committee asked security to remove a lobbyist who kept bothering her throughout her meal.  🔊

The lobbyist broke the law when he gave the political representative money.  🔊

Although Helen wanted to become a lobbyist, she was not very good at persuading people to take action.  🔊

Some stern legislators will turn in the opposite direction if they see a lobbyist heading their way.  🔊

In the crowded ballroom, the lobbyist tried hard to attract the legislator’s attention.  🔊

The animal rights lobbyist urged the congresswoman to vote against increased animal testing privileges.  🔊

Although Jack was not sure he would be a good lobbyist, he had a way of convincing people to behave in a certain manner.  🔊

It is not unusual for a lobbyist to buy hundreds of dollars worth of drinks while trying to influence legislators.  🔊

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