Politically correct in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Politically correct

replying, stating or behaving appropriately

Examples of Politically correct in a sentence

“It is not politically correct to call adults who are under four feet ten inches in height as midgets because they consider that offensive,” the counselor told the teenage audience.  🔊

Some terms insult people because they believe certain terms that describe people should be politically correct.  🔊

Instead of calling those who pick up your garbage as garbagemen, it is politically correct to refer to them as sanitation engineers.  🔊

Candy thought it was okay to say “Asians are horrible drivers,” but her shocked family members explained that her statements weren’t politically correct.  🔊

It’s more politically correct to say “African Americans” than “blacks,” but not all people are offended by the term.  🔊

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