Lost in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lost

misplaced; not able to be found

Examples of Lost in a sentence

Leslie lost her car keys days ago and has been searching high and low for them ever since.  🔊

The lost puppy wandered around the city streets, looking for his owners but unable to find its way home.  🔊

Mindy has misplaced the title to her car but has no idea where she could have lost it.  🔊

We got lost in the woods last night.  🔊

She lost her way home.  🔊

When you get lost, it's important to stay calm so you can think of a plan to help find your way again.  🔊

I lost my marbles, so now I'm totally bonkers!  🔊

I lost my keys, so I can't get into the house.  🔊

My mom lost her purse, so she had to buy everything all over again.  🔊

My dad lost his phone, so now we can never find him!  🔊

I lost my glasses, so now I look like a pirate!  🔊

"I'm so lost without my phone!" said the child who had no idea where it was.  🔊

"My keys are nowhere to be found - I'm totally lost!" exclaimed the frustrated parent.  🔊

"Where am I? I'm completely lost!" yelled the hiker who had taken a wrong turn.  🔊

"The cat is missing! We have no idea where it went - it's completely lost." lamented an exasperated family.  🔊

Getting lost means you can't find your way home. For example, if you get lost in the mall, you don't know how to get back to your mom and dad.  🔊

When you are lost, it's like being on a treasure hunt but without any clues!  🔊

I lost my hat in the forest and now I look like a silly bald bear!  🔊

My friend lost her pencil yesterday so she had to borrow one from me.  🔊

My dog ran away and now he's lost! We have to find him!  🔊

I can't find my sunglasses - I think I've lost them!  🔊

Jack was so lost he thought the sun was a moon!  🔊

Alice was lost in the forest, but then she found some friendly bunnies to help her find her way home.  🔊

The little boy was lost at the beach until his mom came to find him!  🔊

I got so lost on my way to school I almost ended up in China!  🔊

He was lost at sea - He didn't know where he was going and didn't know how to get back!  🔊

She got lost in the woods - She couldn't find her way out!  🔊

Our cat got lost and now we can't find him! He must be off exploring somewhere.  🔊

I lost my toy car when I went to the park, so now I have to go back and look for it.  🔊

My mom says I'm so good at hide-and-seek that she can never find me - I'm a master at being lost!  🔊

"Mom lost her keys again," said the student sarcastically.  🔊

"Where did Grandma go? She's lost," joked the student.  🔊

"Hey, where are my socks? I must have lost them," said the student with a smirk.  🔊

"I can't find my book - I think I've lost it," mocked the student.  🔊

I'm pretty sure I just lost my phone!  🔊

One of the greatest fears we all have in life is the fear of being lost.  🔊

Whether it's getting lost on a hike in the woods or losing our way in an unfamiliar city, the sense of unease and anxiety that comes with feeling helplessly adrift can be overwhelming.  🔊

Lost in thought, I wandered aimlessly along the beach hoping for some kind of sign from above.  🔊

Lost in a sea of confusion and uncertainty, many are struggling to find direction and purpose.  🔊

I lost my favorite stuffed animal when it fell out of my backpack on the way to school.  🔊

My little brother couldn't find his hat and he was so sad because he thought it was lost forever.  🔊

I got lost in the woods while playing with my friends but eventually we all found our way back home together.  🔊

If you get lost while walking in the woods, that means you don't know where to go next and need help finding your way back home.  🔊

Lost also means something is gone forever. Like when a balloon flies away and disappears into the sky, it's lost forever.  🔊

My pet turtle got lost in the garden and I had to search for him for a long time before I found him hiding under a bush.  🔊

My mom always gets lost in the grocery store because there are so many aisles and products.  🔊

The lost city of Atlantis has never been found.  🔊

I lost my bookmark while reading my book, so I had to start over again.  🔊

My little brother got lost at the zoo, so we had to ask a lot of people for help finding him.  🔊

Our dog was lost for days before we found her hiding behind the shed in our backyard!  🔊

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