Nonplussed in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nonplussed

confused about how to behave or respond

Examples of Nonplussed in a sentence

Even the experienced doctor was nonplussed when he saw the patient with a chainsaw in his skull. 🔊

The embarrassed foster child was nonplussed when his classmates asked about his parents. 🔊

While our host and hostess argued during dinner, my wife and I were nonplussed and not sure of whether or not to intervene. 🔊

The famous actor became angry and appeared nonplussed when the interviewer questioned him about his ex-wife. 🔊

Because Jim has an anxiety disorder, he appeared nonplussed behind the podium. 🔊

The suspect was nonplussed and began to stutter when the police told him his accomplice had made a deal. 🔊

When the chief of police learned he was about to be arrested, he became nonplussed and refused to answer any questions. 🔊

Jane is a shy girl who always feels nonplussed at social events. 🔊

When the politician was questioned about his position on a tough issue, he appeared nonplussed and took a long time to respond to the reporter. 🔊

The inexperienced teenage driver was nonplussed when his car began to slide on the ice. 🔊

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