Hebetate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hebetate

to make someone become dull mentally, emotionally, or spiritually

Examples of Hebetate in a sentence

The evil stepmother called the boy stupid every day in an effort to hebetate him and break his spirit.  🔊

Several years in solitary confinement will hebetate a person, even one with the sharpest mental abilities.  🔊

Forcing employees to sit through a week of boring meetings is one way to hebetate your entire staff into a state of dullness.  🔊

Following a pastor that is morally dead can hebetate a believer and cause them to become spiritually dull.  🔊

Years of captivity inside her kidnapper’s home was able to hebetate the victim, who had all but given up on life.  🔊

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