Malfeasance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Malfeasance

the performance of an illegal deed, generally by someone in the public trust

Examples of Malfeasance in a sentence

Once the government investigates the drug’s manufacturer’s malfeasance, many people may be charged for the woman’s drug-induced death. 🔊

A handful of police officers were arrested today for malfeasance during drug busts. 🔊

Because of the company president’s malfeasance, he has been removed from his office. 🔊

When the election results are tallied, surely the people will have voted out the mayor who is currently being investigated for malfeasance. 🔊

Everyone found it difficult to believe the priest had been arrested for malfeasance involving drugs and prostitution. 🔊

After the governor was questioned about financial malfeasance, he announced his plans to vacate the public office. 🔊

The school principal covered his face with his hands and did not respond to the media’s questions about his malfeasance. 🔊

If the legislator is arrested for the crime, his peers will quickly vote to remove him for malfeasance and for dishonoring his office. 🔊

I was shocked when my stockbroker was indicted for financial malfeasance. 🔊

When the auditor reviewed the firm’s books, he found evidence of the treasurer’s malfeasance that resulted in a two million dollar company loss. 🔊

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