Unscrupulous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Unscrupulous

unconcerned about doing what is right

Examples of Unscrupulous in a sentence

The unscrupulous teacher offered to raise her student’s grade if he gave her one hundred dollars. 🔊

When the unscrupulous insurance salesman sold me the policy, he did not tell me it would not be active for six months.  🔊

The unscrupulous drug company lied about the benefits of its new drug. 🔊

During the experiment, the unscrupulous scientist conducted drug tests on monkeys.  🔊

The unscrupulous banker was happy when he foreclosed on the elderly woman’s farm.  🔊

Because the doctor was an unscrupulous man, he often charged his patients for tests he did not perform.  🔊

The unscrupulous ticket scalper sold me fake tickets.  🔊

Last month, several unscrupulous stockbrokers used insider knowledge to make gigantic personal trades.  🔊

My neighbor is an unscrupulous woman who pretends to be a psychic in order to con trusting people.  🔊

Because the used car salesman was unscrupulous, he never gave people fair value for their cars.  🔊

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