Malice in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Malice

desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another

Examples of Malice in a sentence

John’s malice towards his ex-wife led him to vandalize her car. 🔊

While the jury decided whether or not the defendant acted with malice, the judge waited impatiently.  🔊

The critic’s malice was evident in the harsh review. 🔊

Since I bare no malice towards you, I do not understand why we cannot be friends.  🔊

Gail’s malice towards her boss led her to post his private pictures online.  🔊

Because I spoke without malice, I ask you to forgive my blunt words.  🔊

Filled with malice, Gary broke the car window.  🔊

As she happily paid the hit man, Barbara could not hide the malice she felt for her husband.  🔊

Obviously, the suspect acted with malice when he shot the store owner.  🔊

Although the killer bore no malice towards his victim, he was still sentenced to life in prison.  🔊

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