Maltreat in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Maltreat

to treat someone or something cruelly or violently

Examples of Maltreat in a sentence

The child was in a lot of trouble because of the way he would maltreat our dog, kicking him whenever he was angry.  🔊

If you maltreat your pet by being mean or violent to it, it is very unlikely that they will continue to like you.  🔊

You should not maltreat your friends by being cruel to them, or else they will not remain your friend for very long.  🔊

When you maltreat someone who has done nothing to you, you are creating an enemy that will likely treat you with similar cruelty.  🔊

It is a serious offense to truly maltreat and abuse an animal, and those who commit this crime are also heavily frowned upon by society.  🔊

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