Manticore in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Manticore

a mythical creature that was said to have a scorpion’s sting but the body of a lion and head of a man

Examples of Manticore in a sentence

According to the myth, the manticore’s sting is as strong as a scorpion while his body is that of a lion. 🔊

In the legend, the manticore, devoured people with his human mouth but lion-like strength. 🔊

The lion-like manticore shot its enemy with arrows from its tail and then ate him in one bite. 🔊

Even though it is not a real beast, the manticore is a symbol of evilness in a mixture of lion and human form.  🔊

The manticore and the Sphinx are similar creatures in that they both have the bodies of a lion with the face of a man.  🔊

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