Marred in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Marred

spoiled or damaged

Examples of Marred in a sentence

The rowdy college boys marred the hotel room.  🔊

When my best friend accused me of flirting with her boyfriend, she marred our relationship to the point we no longer speak.  🔊

Our honeymoon was marred by the protest that took place outside of our hotel.  🔊

During the storm, the house was marred by the strong winds.  🔊

The meeting was marred by the activation of the fire alarm.  🔊

Because Mary’s first marriage was marred by adultery, she found it hard to not be suspicious of her new husband.  🔊

Our beach vacation was marred by an unexpected hurricane.  🔊

Although a screaming baby marred the beginning of Gail’s wedding ceremony, the rest of the wedding went beautifully.  🔊

Unfortunately last night’s hailstorm marred Lane’s new car.  🔊

The noisy arrival of my teenage daughter marred my nap.  🔊

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