Askance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Askance

with doubt or suspicion

Examples of Askance in a sentence

As the police officer listened to the woman’s crazy story, he could not help but look askance at her.  🔊

Even though the church members were supposed to be welcoming, they still viewed the stranger askance.  🔊

Employers tend to look askance at people who change jobs often.  🔊

The wealthy man looked askance as the gang members approached him.  🔊

The boy who snuck into the girls’ dormitory was viewed askance.  🔊

While the majority of the town is excited about the building of the new mall, there are still those who look askance at the project.  🔊

The insurance agent looked askance at the poor man’s million-dollar claim.  🔊

When Frank’s rival offered him candy, he could only look askance at him.  🔊

Carol looked askance at the unfamiliar man walking around her house.  🔊

Since my daughter is known to be sneaky, she should have not been surprised when I viewed her perfect report card askance.  🔊

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