Maul in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Maul

to wound someone by scratching or tearing them, often used in reference to animals

Examples of Maul in a sentence

I would never go near a bear even in captivity, for fear that it would maul me with its huge teeth and claws.  🔊

There is a chance that any animals with claws and teeth could maul you, but scratches and cuts are the least of your worries with a carnivore.  🔊

The lion chose to maul the man we received at the hospital today, inflicting all sorts of gashes and cuts on him that we had to stitch up.  🔊

Even though we usually use the word maul in reference to animals, a human could maul another person with a knife or a dagger.  🔊

The tiger would maul its next victim, but if that victim was lucky it would survive all of the cuts and gashes from its claws.  🔊

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