Mechanical Energy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mechanical Energy

sum of all energy in an object used for work, such as the energy transferred in a swinging hammer

Examples of Mechanical Energy in a sentence

The mechanical energy of a wheel is the sum of the energy produced while it is rotating, both in the wheel itself and the axle that turns it.  🔊

A hammer carries its mechanical energy from the force of its swing and into whatever target it is hitting.  🔊

The mechanical energy of an engine is created by the pistons of the combustion system that gives the entire vehicle power.  🔊

There is a great deal of mechanical energy in a hydraulic press, with most of it coming from the activation of a machine in crushing something else.  🔊

The mechanical energy of a screwdriver is created by the twisting motion in which it is used on screws.  🔊

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