Divisive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Divisive

having a feature that separates

Examples of Divisive in a sentence

The divisive proposal split the committee into two opposing sides.  🔊

Since the candidates are attacking each other with such fervor, this political battle is going to result in one of the most divisive elections ever.  🔊

The Civil War was the most divisive American war because it ripped the country apart.  🔊

Because the topic of immigration reform is so divisive, it has completely separated the nation.  🔊

My parents’ divorce was a divisive event that tore my family in half.  🔊

While the trade proposal was supposed to bring the two countries together, it actually produced a divisive result that pushed the nations farther apart.  🔊

The teacher’s divisive statement created a clear boundary between her and her students.  🔊

As long as the political parties keep focusing on divisive issues, they will never reach an agreement on the national budget.  🔊

There are many people who view homeschooling as a divisive influence that could affect a young person’s ability to socialize.  🔊

For years, the issue of abortion has been a divisive topic that has caused a number of violent conflicts.  🔊

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