Naive in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Naive

having or showing a lack of experience or knowledge

Examples of Naive in a sentence

1. The naive girl believed she could get pregnant by kissing. 🔉

2. While I may be a little naive, I do not believe in a giant rabbit that brings treats to kids on Easter Sunday. 🔉

3. The naive old woman was the perfect target for a financial scam. 🔉

4. Because Jane grew up in a convent, she is very naive about life in the big city. 🔉

5. You are being naive if you think you can make a fortune without doing any work at all. 🔉

6. As long as you remain naive about the workings of the stock market, you will find it difficult to make a living as a stockbroker. 🔉

7. The naive toddler chose the shiny toy over the hundred-dollar bill. 🔉

8. Because Matt is naive, he really believes his wife has to work late every night at the library. 🔉

9. Only a naive person would believe the robber would walk into the bank and return the money he stole. 🔉

10. If you believe every word that politician says, then you are a very naive person. 🔉

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