Ludicrous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ludicrous

something viewed as humorous because of its ridiculousness

Examples of Ludicrous in a sentence

The ludicrous movie is about a dog that becomes the president of a country. 🔊

Because Ginger knew her mother’s tenth wedding would not be her last, she decided to miss the ludicrous affair. 🔊

The gigantic yellow hat looked ludicrous on the man’s tiny head. 🔊

Although Haley knew it was ludicrous to wear shorts in the freezing weather, she still put on her favorite cutoff jeans. 🔊

The idea of comparing Lee’s pizza driver salary with the earnings of a professional athlete is ludicrous. 🔊

Since religious fanatics insist upon the presence of a god, they view atheistic beliefs as completely ludicrous. 🔊

The reality show has earned huge ratings by having idiots perform ludicrous stunts. 🔊

Because John is too lazy to work, his dream of becoming a billionaire is quite ludicrous. 🔊

The political candidate’s rival laughed at his opponent’s ludicrous job creation plan. 🔊

To many people, the idea of talking about oneself in the third person is ludicrous. 🔊

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